Brouilly « Cuvée L’Optimum »

Brouilly « Cuvée L’Optimum »

Grape variety: Gamay noir à jus blanc.

Vineyard location: All you have to do is look at Mont Brouilly, topped by its chapel, which was built in 1857, on the highest point of this volcanic rock.

Colour: Red.

Soil: It is made up of altered elements from the bedrock, as well as there being tongues of limestone and schist in the subsoil.

Tending: Spur goblet pruning with 3 to 5 spurs, each with 2 eyes. The soil is removed from around the trunk in autumn, shallow-ploughed or tilled in winter and scraped in the spring..

Vinification : After manual harvesting and careful sorting of the whole bunches, they are vinified traditionally. Temperature is controlled, the cap is held below the top of the juice using a grid during fermentation. Carbonic maceration lasts 8 days.

Maturing: Stainless steel and cement vats. Clarification and filtering is carried out using the most natural and traditional procedures possible.

Characteristics: Clothed in a deep garnet robe, this wine gives off intense aromas of blackcurrant and raspberry. These aromas continue as flavours on the palate and play a leading role in the full mouthfeel. This is a harmonious combination of terroir and limestone, which imparts finesse.

Cellaring: This wine may either be enjoyed young or after 3 to 5 years cellaring.

Food and wine matches: Duck breast cooked with cherries, fillet of beef with mushrooms and quail. Serve at 13° C (55°F).