Our Terroir

Naturally healthy, ripe grapes
Aiming for peak ripeness

Domaine Didier Desvignes in Villié-Morgon: Wines; Beaujolais, Morgon, Brouilly, Chiroubles, Fleurie, Moulin à Vent and Beaujolais Village.
Didier Desvignes, vinegrower-winemaker at Domaine du Calvaire de Roche Grès.

Because he believes that great wines come first and foremost from great grapes, Didier Desvignes uses all his skills and know-how to serve the vine and harvest perfectly ripe and healthy bunches of grapes.

To reach his goal, he contains his vines vigour by grassing his vineyards and “green harvesting” –or thinning the bunches – to improve ripening and health.

terroir vigne herbe

terroir grappe raisin

A high quality yield, at low quantities

By using these principles on his kind of terroir, yields are reduced. Through this, each berry can express the aromatic wealth of the grape variety as well as good balance between sugar and acidity. Manual picking and strict sorting are the guarantors of rich substance.

Respect and balance in the vineyard

Mindful of the future of his land and the quality of his wine, Didier Desvignes’ vinegrowing and tending style is as natural as possible. This constraint helps us meet the vines’ exact needs.

He chooses to shallow plough and till his vineyards when applicable.

Each vine needs to delve its roots into the deepest part of the soil to be able to draw on the full power of its authentic aromas and flavours.

terroir roches